Welcome What if we could take you on a personalised artistic journey? Let us help you find renowned artists, whose work you will appreciate, and want to collect. Artwork: 5 Portraits by Alberto Seveso
Have you ever had a deep connection with a work of art?
Particles - Pattern 8 by Damien Borowik

Beyond the quest for “utility”, “community” and “wealth”, there is a growing segment of NFT collectors looking for a different type of art. The type you don’t buy for speculation or for FOMO but because like all good art, what you saw, what you read and what you heard touched you

This is the premise that is driving the development of Block Meister: To make it easier to find digital artwork registered in the blockchain that you will personally connect with and want to collect. We hope that you will bring your experience as a NFT collector to our burgeoning community. Welcome on board.

Block Meister intends to bridge the gap between pioneering artists and collectors, and those needing a helping hand to better appreciate NFTs’ potential.

Join us on this journey to discover the next vanguard of artists that will reshape the art world, and build a resilient collection in the process.

Joël Céré, CEO, Block Meister

“I’m an ecclectic collector”

“I have been collecting sculptures, paintings, drawings and loaded objects for my “wunderkammer” all my life. My criterium: to be amazed, to get excited, to get surprised, to discover and to learn. My collection is related to the past and to the future. From prehistoric objects, to modern art, and now into NFTs. The best way to learn? Be part of it.”

Etienne Verbist
Your Collecting Journey Is No Longer Lonely.

There are many factors that make an artwork valuable, from the reputation of the artist to the significance of the artwork and historical trend of past sales and its perspective. But what makes an artwork truly valuable is what it means to you. If you have not felt that connection yet, let us help you along that journey.

Curatorial Guidance

Our experienced team of professional curators focuses primarily on mid-career artists keen to push boundaries, while helping promote emerging talents. We aim to showcase a variety of styles, movements and artwork with genuine significance and meaning.

Artistic Intelligence

Our dynamic profiling engine will help you find established and emerging digital artists whose work you will personally appreciate, and that you would want to collect for the long-term. Try it out.

Secured & Authentic

All artwork on our platform is original, certified by the artist and registered in the blockchain as a NFT.

Collectors have the option to secure the original artwork file in a military grade, hack-proof facility to ensure it will not be tampered with.

Join us on a journey of re-invention

We believe that the centre of gravity of the art world is shifting to digital. This is where boundaries will be pushed, conventions challenged and the definition of art rewritten. Join us on this journey, and be prepared to be amazed.