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Welcome to the New Renaissance
Georges Seurat: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte—1884

It must have felt weird to look at the work of the early impressionists back then. As a matter of fact, one of the most prominent art critic of the time, attending an exhibition of this new style, coined the term “impressionism” in jest. To the art establishment, these paintings were just “unfinished”.

In a similar vein, the art world is being challenged by a new breed of artists, using different medium, with different reference points that question what we are used to.

We might not fully understand it, or appreciate it, but it is a moment we may look back into.

Join us on a journey to discover a new digital avant-garde of artists that are shaping this next art era.

We will help you find blue-chip artists, and emerging talents that will open new perspectives and possibilities for your art collection.

Joël Céré, CEO, Block Meister

“I’m an ecclectic collector”

“I have been collecting sculptures, paintings, drawings and loaded objects for my “wunderkammer” all my life. My criterium: to be amazed, to get excited, to get surprised, to discover and to learn. My collection is related to the past and to the future. From prehistoric objects, to modern art, and now into NFTs. The best way to learn? Be part of it.”

Etienne Verbist
Why do we need “NFTs”?

Whether it is a picture, a video or a piece of code, today’s digital artwork is registered in the blockchain. This is akin to a certificate of ownership and authenticity combined into one for virtual assets.

An NFT is attached to one unique file. It shows who is the author and the owner of the file. This is a matter of public record. You could make a copy of this file but it will not be attached to the same original NFT. This make the original NFT, and the file it is attached to unique, therefore valuable.

This is the primary reason why we use NFTs on our platform.

Curatorial Guidance

Our experienced team of professional curators focuses primarily on mid-career artists keen to push boundaries, while helping promote emerging talents. We aim to showcase a variety of styles, movements and artwork with genuine significance and meaning.

Art First

Blockchain, Metamask, Ethereum… it can be a steep learning curve. We are constantly improving our platform with collectors like you to make it as simple as possible to focus on what you really want to do: collecting great artwork.

If you want to have your say, drop us a line and we’ll schedule a call to hear your opinion. If you are stuck, drop us a line too and we’ll sort you out.

Exclusive Peace of Mind

Our platform is invitation-only for artists and we work with internationally renowned curators and advisors. All artwork is registered in the blockchain. We issue certificates of authenticity signed by artists when they list their work exclusively with us. Best of all, with Block Meister there is always someone to talk to if you encounter an issue.

Artistic Intelligence

Our dynamic profiling engine will help you find established and emerging digital artists whose work you will personally appreciate, and that you would want to collect for the long-term. Try it out.

Displaying your Collection

Display options for digital artwork range from projecting it on a wall, using monitors, tablets and smart TVs such as the Samsung Frame or LG OLED Gallery Design TV that are optimised for the display of artwork. Whatever you choose, rest assured that we have carefully selected each artwork because it is best-suited for such back-lit displays. If you have questions on how best to display your artwork, do contact us.

Join us on a journey of re-invention

we believe that the centre of gravity of the art world is shifting to digital. This is where boundaries will be pushed, conventions challenged and the definition of art rewritten. Join us on this journey, and be prepared to be amazed.