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“AI is often seen as a threat to humanism. But we can have both. We can have humanistic interpretations and explanations at the same time. And we can look at art appreciation from the AI side and see what comes out from there.” Dr Mark Coeckelbergh, Professor of Philosophy of Media and Technology.

This Room has been specially curated with the help of ChatGPT.

Tree Too Manifesto

Only work related to trees, nature and climate change for a more sustainable art world.


Who has not ever wondered about the concept of art? How to define it? How far does it cover? In 2004 I came to Brussels to start my studies for a Master in TRANSMEDIA (Art-Design-New Media), and a few months later I had to start looking for work because the scholarship did not cover the expenses. It was not easy. I ended up dressed as a turtle in the Mini-Europe park, charging just enough and suffocating under a suit that smelled of sweat, not mine.To top it all, they called me the artist: “l’artiste comedien”.

How far that was from the concept of art that he brought back from art school! The one with the galleries, museums and "openings" with champagne.This project does not talk about the concept of art, but about those other “artists”, who also live of art.